Get Over It: Hurdles

A hurdle is defined

  1. one of a series of upright frames over which athletes in a race must jump.
  2. an obstacle or difficulty.

In this obstacle course of life we face many challenges and struggles. A lot of times we need to understand that facing the wall of our problems is only the first step to getting over our problems. We need to play chess not checkers. Strategizing over improvising enables us to inately focus on steps on the staircase of life. Our brain trains our legs to step up when we are going to the next step if we tried to mirror the mechanics of walking on flat land we would trip and fall on the steps you are on. In life we have to look at the walls and obstacles and get over them. The first definition is one of a series of upright frames… What is your upright frame that you are coming up to? You have to not only meet that hurdle head on you have to push higher and get over it to get past it. What in your life have you not gotten over that is causing you to go under whether it be mentally or physically? Below 5 things that you can do to not just meet your hurdle but get over it.

1.Write it down:

Sometimes we all suffer from the globalist syndrome. We get so overwhelmed with comments like I’ve got so much to do, I don’t have enough time to get everything done; there’s so much stuff I have to get at the grocery store. The last one is big for me I will go into the grocery store and if I don’t have a list with me I will end up spending more time, money, and possibly walking down every aisle; and more times then less I end up forgetting something. This is the importance of a list. It removes inaccurate/ globallistic words and streamlines our thought process to be more thought oriented then emotionally led. I have a saying if you are globallistic you will go ballistic.

2.Prioritize what you can and can’t do

Paraphrasing the prayer of serenity knowing what you can change what you cannot and know the difference between the two. You prioritizing what you can change enables you to focus on action items that will net you results. I make a list that takes it a step further. I make a timeline and split up what can I do now – this week – this month – this year. The further it is away the more you want to structure what it will take to make it to the goals that are a month or a year out.

3.Adapt to what’s going on outside of you as well as inside of you

Adaptation is defined as becoming adjusted to new conditions. A lot of times we try to bend ourselves to the goals that we set in place when instead we need to look inward and reassess our goals all together. A good goal doesn’t always mean it’s a great idea for you when things change be flexible. Stop trying to bend yourself because you could end up breaking yourself if you bend to far. Adaptation is the key to intelligence and the word embedded in intelligence is intel. You have to continue to be open and receive intel from your reassessment of what obstacle you are facing so that you can overcome any hurdle that is coming up in your hurdle of life.

In closing the fuel behind every part of the method shared today is IBIM. The company behind sparrowism that stands for I Believe In Me. You have to believe in yourself more then anyone else doesn’t including yourself. The moment you believe in yourself more then you don’t believe in yourself is the moment you excel and you will not only meet the hurdle in your life you will be able to get over it. Continue to tell yourself Get Over It until you truly do!

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  • Clifton Clark Posted April 28, 2020 12:01 am

    This is so great and a huge help to help me in my current state of trying to get it all done! Thank you

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