Out-work to Work Out

A lot of times in life we have come to situations where we need to make a decision on what to do. Not making a decision is also a decision that either helps or hurts us. The title of this blog is out work to work out. This title is meant that you have to outwork the negative things in life in order for the positive things in life to work out. If you think of the process of a plant or a tree being grown there are seeds in the ground that have to be totally crushed and then push outward before they will grow upward. Without those seeds truly being rooted in the ground that plant or that tree would cease to grow. Now when a seed is growing under the ground you won’t see the process of progress so the time that you’re out working what is negative you may not see the change others definitely won’t see the internal change but know that the same situation that a seed has to push through of what is surrounded by is the same ground that it grows in; and once it does grow enough and starts to grow up then it comes out of the ground. So I encourage you to outwork everything that is around you and to saturate yourself in the same circumstances that you’re in and learn everything that you can. Be nourished by your opportunities that are lessons and before you know it you will outgrow the negative and everything work out.


  • Clifton Clark Posted April 23, 2020 4:27 pm

    This is a great read and motivating! Thank you Sparrowism

    • Sparrowism Posted April 27, 2020 5:35 pm

      Thank you so much!

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