The Set-up was my Step-up

Ever have someone in your life that continuously puts you down and it seems the more you try to build you up they try to put you down? There is an old mentality about crabs in a bucket and how the more that one crab tries to climb out of the bucket the other crabs pull on the crab that is trying to get up out of the bucket.

There are 2 types of Crabby people in your life to watch out for; from people setting you up to you stepping it up. Below are the set up and the your step up.

The Set Up

People often reflect outward their doubts to you that are inward doubts about themselves. You have to know that sometimes the obstacles that people set up are because they either don’t believe in themselves or they don’t believe in you.

There are 2 types of people that are crabby that set you up.

  1. The Crabs that want to pull you down because they have a problem with you, that’s actually really a problem with them. You have to make sure that people’s negative opinions don’t dissuade the positive fact of you. I often say facts over feelings and this is applicable in this scenario. The feelings of the person that is negative override their positive thoughts if they are speaking to you about what you can’t do. They are subliminally hating on themselves inward and it comes outward to you.
  2. The Crabs that want to pull themselves up and you are more so collateral damage. They see the path that you are taking and they want to not only replicate what you’re doing by using your methods to climb; but will use you to climb over and try to move out of the bucket.

Don’t stake your ability to complete a goal or task on other’s inability to complete the same task. You can listen to what they have to say but don’t base your ability to succeed on what they didn’t do.

The Step Up:

When walking, walking downhill is effortless, walking a straight line is easy, but walking uphill is hard. When you step up in life you will exert more energy to raise yourself like going up a staircase. The other thing is the higher you go if you fall you can do more damage to yourself. When negative people pose a threat to you and take steps to try to ensure your downfall; you have to rise over the steps they take to bring you down. When you rise above the steps and obstacles they construct, you enable a level of resilience that continues to help you grow and develop your potential, into skill that accompanied with determination results in success.

In Closing:

You are more then just good enough. When you are at your B.E.S.T. you become Better Every Single Time. Your best is a renewed point of continual growth that allows you to progress to the next steps in your life. Don’t let anyone not even yourself speak negative into your life. You are more then able when you become more than willing to know that you have to be more positive then the negatives around you.

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