Why Your Past Doesn’t Define Your Future

When dealing with the past it is very important to understand that what you had cannot ever be redone. It is important to understand that what you have is what is most important in front of you. To me H.A.D. stands for History And Done while the word H.A.V.E. stands for Here And Very Exciting. Sometimes we allow where we been to direct where we go; your rear view mirror when driving is only looked at a small percentage of the time when driving forward if you were to continue to look in your rear view mirror more than look forward the likelihood of an accident to happen would be much higher. That is exactly what happens in our lives sometimes we’re so focused on what has happened that we miss what is happening and it causes us our lives to be a wreck. There are a few things that we should all take notice of when going past our past.

1) Once you use a second you lose a second

Life is not a song that we can pause or rewind once a second passes it is gone you can never get it back period. That is why it is so important to make sure that you make every second count for the positive, for the good, and for greater for yourself. There are so many times where we are thinking past the problem that is in front of us that is unproductive and doesn’t help. So the past is technically replayed in our mind in the present. When driving if you are using GPS and you take the wrong route your GPS doesn’t stop or get stuck in the route in most cases it reroutes and that is what we have to do is re route our thinking and our actions so that we can make it to our destination.

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